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3 TB

Update on the post not good!

I got a new 3 TB external hard drive to play with now! I hope this works better than the 3 TB WD passport or I will be doing my Mr. Angery impersonation! It such a nightmare to get this right!

Use tape

There is one way of doing but the setup cost is too high to do and that is to use tape as it lasts for 30 years! The tape itself is not that expensive around £24 pounds upwards and 30 TB of dater! It the tape machine LTO that costs so much over £1500 pound for one or more! Then you have to decide which LTO model and the format to go for too?Read More »3 TB

Not Good

Not good

Not good, I am getting the feeling that WD passport is not working properly it taken ages to copy over 1 GB dater from my computer to it so far it has taken to copy 1 GB 3 Hours!!! Read More »Not Good

Major job

Major Job


Major Job

Major job on backing up all my 900 + CD and DVD to an external hard drive!

It great going out shooting photos that the fun bit! The real work stat when you start editing them all!  Sadly that not the end you then have to store the images somehow!Read More »Major Job