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Big framing Kits Are In


Great Severs

The speed that the order comes in is great from Loin! I only place the order online at Lion it on Tuesday evening and they had to chop the frames for me, and it was in late this morning what speed!

Big Framing Kits Are In

My order for the big framing kits are in today so I will be having fun getting the frames to make up cutting all the card and backing boards to the right size! So I need to get the print unrolled so there lay flat I may do this with some the card I now have to weight it down! Then I can start getting a frame put together so I can get the cards cut to the right size (measure twice cut once!)

I have to make sure that my knife has anew blade in it to do the cutting!

Cutting the Mounts

The only problem I may have is cutting the windows in the mounts! I do not have a strat edge as long as I require to cut them! Trying to find a strat edge over 1 Mtr in length is not easy! So I may have to see if a local framer with cut out the aperture for me?

Transporting the Artwork

The next problem I have to sort out is how I will be transporting the artwork the events and shows? The last thing I will need is to get to an event and find the frame- has been damaged in transport ( as I did the last event I had don!) So I have been looking at bubble wrap (playtime LOL) a roll of cardboard or foam?

Looking at the price it looks like foam going to be the best option for this! I am lucky that near to me there is a foam supplier so I may take A drive down there to see what they recommend?



These prints Look Fabulous