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Backing Up

DVD pile
I have been backing

So now I have been backing up all my photos onto a new hard drive from my old DVDs.

The next stage is to put the images into Lightroom, I have to make sure I don’t make an even big mess off my Lightroom catalog! This going to be fun! As I have made a mess of it before now!

900 CD and DVDs

Still, have to back up the rest off my 900 CD and DVDs. That is a lot of work and it will be a long job! On the plus side of this, I get see some old images that  I have taken over the year, a trip down memory lane!

As well as doing this

As well as doing this I still have to keep up to date with everything else, with the day to day running of the photography business! Like the book work sorting out my shoot and doing the editing and other works as well!

It is long days some time working for your self, (not a 9 to 5 PM job) and it staying focuses too can be hard.

3 TB
Not Good
Major Job
RL Supplies 

The End