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Abstract art photographer


This is about Brian Southam has a passion for photography. That started in childhood and bloomed with the acquisition of his first 35mm SLR Canon AE camera. It came with a standard 50mm lens. This was in the days when an understanding of light exposure settings. The use of a light meter was a real necessity to get the best from your camera. But it turned out Brian had something of a flair for the workings and as it happened a real eye for composition.

Thus he went on to secure paid work carrying out assignments. This was for the local Bucks Free Press newspaper group, the Wycombe Star free newspaper and a wedding photography company.

As his interest in capturing memorable moments developed so did his camera collection and the commissions, he was asked to undertake.

The Wren
The Wren

Brian grew his photographic ability through ongoing peer review to develop into the artist he has become.

His start in life as a press photographer was an essential grounding in the best way how to capture those special moments. A grounding that has led him to develop a unique style that he now shows with his superlative fine art photographic work.

Brian can now be found showing his work. He exhibited in and around London and the Thames Valley area. If you enjoy his work there are some limited-edition prints available from his online gallery. Or you can contact him through this site with a view to your very own unique commission.

Wing Ships
Wing Ships
Stumpy Arrw Ships
Stumpy Arrw Ships


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Art Show on the 27-30 October 2016 by Grid Art Fair Truman Brewery London. A group exhibition

Art Show on the 19-24 April 2016. By Gabriel Fine Art the Eternal London living organism. At the Tabernacle W11 Notting Hill London. A group exhibition

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