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A Great Day At Folio Friday

The photographer Gallery

A Great Day At Folio Friday

I had A Great Day At Folio Friday at the Photographers Gallery in London! I was on time and set up when well.

The Talks

It started off with Professor Steve Macleod from Metro Imaging giving us a shot talk, on what he does and roll he doses. He also talked about what he did the night before at the Photographers Gallery about how he was networking that evening.

The next speaker was Adrian Wood A portrait photographer based in London doing lost different portrait project some for himself and collaboration with other artists. Adrian was also into teaching other younger photographers at college.

The Timers

Steve and Adrian were also going around the room look at everyone’s portfolio and giving us some very useful feedback on the work. There were given timers and were told they had 10 minutes with each photographer, to look at there work and advise us!

Well, that did go to plan! They had one hour to do this, but as all good plans did work more like four hours later!

Good to See

It was good to see the other photographers’ work and get to talk to them about it! It was also nice to get to meet the visitors on the day and to tell them about my photos!

It was fun telling the visitors how I had achieved the look of my images too, it was a bit more fun with an overseas student, who love my images, was trying to work out how I had to don them!


I had some great feedback from Steve on my work! Steve had the idea of printing my work onto aluminum good thought! The hard part now for me is where to exhibit my work?

Adrian was running late so we had to go downstairs to look at my portfolio (we had finished early for another event) Adren was very complimenter to my style.  He also had some idea what I could try too!

So it has been a very busy week looking into some of the ideas from the feedback I had had on my work! Some were easy to do other not so but I working on it and trying out different papers on my images to see what the best way of presenting my photos?


Thanks for the Photographers Gallery for being such a great host for the day! Well worth getting to do the Folio Friday if you can!

Also thanks to Steve and Adrian for there great feedback too!


Free CD’S

Confirmed My Booking For Folio Friday

The Photographers Gallery

Steve Macleod

Adrian Wood