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3 TB

Update on the post not good!

I got a new 3 TB external hard drive to play with now! I hope this works better than the 3 TB WD passport or I will be doing my Mr. Angery impersonation! It such a nightmare to get this right!

Use tape

There is one way of doing but the setup cost is too high to do and that is to use tape as it lasts for 30 years! The tape itself is not that expensive around £24 pounds upwards and 30 TB of dater! It the tape machine LTO that costs so much over £1500 pound for one or more! Then you have to decide which LTO model and the format to go for too?

The LTO format I

The LTO format I think is for more video back up and storge than still images!


It’s the 321 three copies of your dater on two different formats and one-off your copies at a different location! There is also how much dater you should store onto a drive, just in case it crashes!  As hard drives are getting a lot bigger from 1 TB to 2, 3,4 8 and even 10TB! The last thing you or I will need is an 8TB hard drive crashing and not having a second back up!

You, then have the problem

You, then have the problem of what drives can you get? As you don’t really what to get two drives from the same manufactory just in case something goes wrong with that batch of hard drives! And with some companies like Seagate are connected with LaCie does help!

I planning to

I planning to go round some of the studios that are taking part in the Bucks art week this weekend to look at some other photographer work to and to find out how one photographer backs his work up!

The End


Not Good