Skyline is a new project showing how inventive architects in the UK  can be when it comes to design buildings, though out the ages!

It can be just something simple with their designing or some decoration, they have added to the building for some reason. This could be for some use or just style at that time that making them look different! It could be to make a point about something in their design or just showing off their wealth of there client at that time, to just be very over the top with there concept!

The buildings come in all forms, some are icons and some are just normal building that has a function for us. Some buildings are known for their views or their style or for their residents! Others are just standard buildings.

Shape and form of building design make me look for the unknown aspects of what the architects have done with that building if anything at all? I am, simply looking at the top floors of the building as well as the roofline to see if there anything worth recording. It depends what I see, could be a simple row of windows but on the top roof, there may be something that you can make out? What makes you think what is up there any why? It could be the building has an interesting design to it or some great stonework? Or has nature stepped in and made use of it in some way? Or have week added something like a window box to add some Colour to the view or made use of space for practical use like putting the washing out?

I find it is interesting walking down a street to see what is plan site, that makes this project more fun hunting out the plan practical buildings or unusual building designs that are out there!