Photo Ramblings

Photo Ramblings By Brian.

I am not a blogger at all, as not my thing! But i post on here some bit and pieces what I am up too with my photography!

17/2/18 The Photography Show 2018.

It that time of the year again soon when I set off to the Photography Show in the NEC! I had my Show preview come in the post the other day so I be looking though it to see what to have a look at.

The Photography Show
The Photography Show preview book.

The End.


31/12/17 The End of 2017.

Well it been anther busy year! Time to start all over again, on a new project so keep on looking to see what i am up too in 2018!


The end.

9/12/17 Drinks Update.

I had a great at night at The Reading Photographers Social Group Christmas shindig night it was packed with photographer and models! There a fun lot and I spent most of the evening taking to Dave who I meet that evening. One of the models got hold of one the photographer camera and was taking lots of photos of use, not sure how focus they were but she was having fun!

At the pub having a drink Brian Southam
At the pub having a drink Brian Southam.

The End.

8/12/17 Drinks!

I off out tonight to The Reading Photographers Social Group Christmas shindig  should be a fun night see who out?

14/11/17 Studio Evening

Last night I was running my camera club studio evening, it was rammed. I booked three models for the night Neil, Jo and Sarah. We had three set up the main one was White background with 2 light set up, there was A Black background with one light set up and the Number three set was Blue mottled background with 2 light set up. Ever one had a great time at the event.

Jo model By Brian Southam photography
13 November 2017 Princes Risborough Bucks UK Studio night at Princes Risborough camera club.


Jo on Purpleport

Sarah on Purpleport

Neil on Purpleport

Princes Risborough Photographic Society

Thanks to all the models for there hard work on the evening.

The End.

6/11/17 Slowly

Well I am slowly getting there, as I am trying to keep my website updated with new images! Here is a new image from a shoot I did with the lovely Satsu early this year.

Satsu modelling in lingerie

The End.

30/9/17 Fashion Fines S/S 18

I been going though all of the 1700 photos from day one of the Fashion Fines fashion shows and are now uploaded! I be working 1200 photos on Day two of the fashion show very soon!

The End.

17/9/17 Fashion Fines S/S 18

Back into London to the Fashion Fines S/S 18 fashion show today!



The End.

11/9/17 Web Site Up Date

I have been doing a mixture of photography shoot some modelling and a lot more news events! But i was in London on Saturday at Calumet in London to a photography business seminar by beauty and fashion photographer Rossella Vanon, which was  A good seminar (But there was not milk for tea! Not good)! The think i learn was i not adding any up dates or any content to this web site so new rules are arrange, shoot, proses and post! Zzzzzzzzzzz so wake up call!! So been sorting the site out today and will be adding some new images very soon!



The star of anther year, time to sit down think and plan, on what i going to be working on in 2017! I sure it is going to be anther fun and crazy year!

The 2016 was fun i did some great shot’s and work with some great models (new and old) and MUA too! But it was slow going when i decided to do a massive back up off my archive of images off the DVD back to a had-drives! This was a very big job which is still on going, as some the DVD were not reading! But slow i am getting there, and still got about 6 month work editing what i have shoot! I am hoping to complete this very soon so i can move on!

The End.

24/12/16 MERRY XMAS

Merry Xmas everyone have a great time!

Christmas light

The End


I doing anther shoot with the beautiful Jenna tomorrow, in the studio, i have my great MUA Anitka doing the make up for me! I load up read for the shoot tomorrow and  i got to pick Jenna up from the train station. It be great and more on the shoot soon!

The End

12/8/16 EDEN SHOOT

I have been doing a shoot with the beautiful Eden again in the studio, I have the talented Anitka doing a stunning job off make up! It was a very productive shoot and looking forward to looking though all the images shoot! That the hard part! Here some back scenes photos!



More from this shoot coming soon!





Eden on Purple Port 

Anitka MUA on Purple Port

The End

23/7/16: NIGHT OUT

I when out to the Reading photographer social group, last night. It a mix off photographer and models! I had a good evening chatting to some off the model there  and i am very interested in working with one off the young lady there! I have my finger crossed!:-) It was interesting to listing to the other photographer taking about there shoots! My conclusion is as follows rules!

1] We love to shoot models!

2] We never plan what we going to shoot with the model! See rule 1!

3] There are too may lovely models too shoot! See rules 1 and 2!

4] As photographer we may not have the money always to do shoots with the lovely models! See rules 1, 2 and 3!

5] It very hard work been a photographer! See rules 1,2, 3 and 4

6] We are very lucky to work with some lovely models when we can! See rules 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

The End


Well i am getting slow getting cooked in front off the PC still backing up my DVD! It is very, very slow going! Some DVD are playing up so if any off you know why there show nothing on the disk or some images are not copy over please drop me a line! Still have over 461 DVD to back up 4 years worth! That keep me busy, as i was hopping to had do more that i don so far! I did have a evening off last night and when out on a camera club shoot with some models on a farm! I was a lovely evening for it! Hopeful get some photos from that on here soon! The up side off this is I am catching up on my reading!

DVD pile

The End


Just been confirm that i off to Sumerset House on the 27th July for a Talk from Artist Toby Dye (Daydreaming Exhibitor) by Canon UK! Not who to go with? Need to sort it out only got till the 18th to confirm my place!

The End

20/6/16: BACKING UP

So now i trying to back up all my photos onto a new hard dive and to make sure i don’t make a even big mess off my Lightroom! This going to be fun! And to back up the rest off my 900 CD and DVD top it as well it going to be long job! On the plush side off this i see some old images i know i have taken over the year, trip down memory lane!

The End

17/6/16: 3TB

I got a new 3 TB external hard drive to play with now! I hope this work better then the WD passport or i be doing my Mr Anger impersonation! I planing to go round some of the studio taken part in the Bucks art week this weekend to look at some other photographer work to and to find out how one photographer backs his work up!

The End

14/6/16: NOT GOOD!

I getting the feeling that WD passport is work proper lee it taken ages 1GB 1 to 3 Hours!!! The other hard drive don the year in minutes! This will take ages!

The End

13/6/16: MAJOR JOB

Major job on backing up all my 900 + CD and DVD to a external hard drive! This going to be fun! (more like boring!) So far i have don 3 year worth of images only 12 more year to go! Him though USB 3 was fast! 12 hour later only copied 6GB out of the 12GB! This going to be a slow job!

The End