The Craft Market In West Wycombe when very well today lost of people looking around! I had a few chats with some visitors too which was nice!

I got set up in my corner very well, the last time I was struggling a bit to get my screens up! I did do it a bit different too as I tend to unload everything then set up this time I only unload the screens and the prints then put the stuff not required back on the van! So hang the prints when Ok I did have a bit of damage on one the prints, unsure what happened there but it was too bad! I have to look into getting some cardboard to protect the edges as foam board great but to easy to dent! Hong on I had some come with an order the early this week, dumpster diving time!

The only problem was the corner of the room I was in had very poor lighting very other part had good new lighting where I was 2 spotlight but they were not working! We did ake the organizer if the pub could be supplied some more light?? Sadly the manager did bother at all to do anything! But lucky for meĀ  Stuart (he a star!) a member of my camera club pop in to see my work and he does the same so he kindly when home to get his light for me! So I had some light on my photos Yay!

Sadly I did make any sale of my artwork but its early days I can live in hope as some of them were well-liked!