Free CD'S

Free CD’S

Free CD’S

Free CD’s I will be giving away at the Photographers Galley Folio Friday event! I have don twenty CD’s to give away, of my portfolio Altered Reality Vol: 1 London.

My Portfolio

My portfolio oh Altered Reality Vol: 1 London may have too many images in it so I may have to smile it down by about 18 images! that is not going to be easy at all! So that A job a bit later in the week! (Well in the next 3 days anyway!) So far I have 48 images in my book which Ok if people are interested? But I will not like to bore them so It has to be cut down!

The plus side of this is I can bring some other images along to show people of the different images I have been working on! I have two projects I have been working on so I will bring three or four images from them!

I also going to bring with me three images that started it all off to show what gives me the idea for this project!


There be more images on the CD that I will be showing at the Photographers Gallery, so get in there and get free CDs before they all go! So the event is on from 2 pm to 5 pm the 21 Feb 2020 at

The address is

The nears tube station is Oxford Circus

There is a charge to get into the Photographer Gallery at £5.00 unless you are a member? That gives you the opportunity to look around the galleries as well!

I love talking about photography and meeting people! This also a great opportunity to get to hear how I don some of the images, that may inspire you with your photography?


The Photographers Gallery

Confirmed My Booking For Folio Friday.

Folio Friday

The photographer Gallery

Confirmed My Booking For Folio Friday

Confirmed My Booking For Folio Friday.

I have email The Photographers Galley to confirmed my booking for folio Friday 21 Feb 2020 next week.  So if anyone is free next Friday afternoon and like to see some photographs please drop in and have a look!

The address is

The nears tube station is Oxford Circus

There is a charge to get into the Photographer Gallery at £5.00 unless you are a member?


Feeling very lucky to get this opportunity to do this as event is very popular and is fully booked up! So I am looking forward to doing this!

I ‘am looking forward to hearing what the speakers have to say talk about and hearing what they think to my work too? It should also be interesting to see what the other 11 photographers are showing to?

How May Prints

I told the Photographers Gallery I will be showing my work in A A4 portfolio book/folder, I love to show it much bigger but that the rules! It was suggested that keep it simple when showing your photographs! So now I have to look at the portfolio again to see if I should reduce it or not from the 48 prints I have in it already?

They also said about having some other images of a different subject matter to show!  So next week I have to do some more prints for it!


So I will be taking a long some my business cards and postcards to give to people, so if I am lucky and get a sale or possibly a commission for the event would be great!

Also, I am planning on burning some low res images onto CD of my latest project to give out to people how are interested in my photos.


The Photographers Gallery

Folio Friday


Big framing Kits Are In

Great Severs

The speed that the order comes in is great from Loin! I only place the order online at Lion it on Tuesday evening and they had to chop the frames for me, and it was in late this morning what speed!

Big Framing Kits Are In

My order for the big framing kits are in today so I will be having fun getting the frames to make up cutting all the card and backing boards to the right size! So I need to get the print unrolled so there lay flat I may do this with some the card I now have to weight it down! Then I can start getting a frame put together so I can get the cards cut to the right size (measure twice cut once!)

I have to make sure that my knife has anew blade in it to do the cutting!

Cutting the Mounts

The only problem I may have is cutting the windows in the mounts! I do not have a strat edge as long as I require to cut them! Trying to find a strat edge over 1 Mtr in length is not easy! So I may have to see if a local framer with cut out the aperture for me?

Transporting the Artwork

The next problem I have to sort out is how I will be transporting the artwork the events and shows? The last thing I will need is to get to an event and find the frame- has been damaged in transport ( as I did the last event I had don!) So I have been looking at bubble wrap (playtime LOL) a roll of cardboard or foam?

Looking at the price it looks like foam going to be the best option for this! I am lucky that near to me there is a foam supplier so I may take A drive down there to see what they recommend?



These prints Look Fabulous

Prints look fabulous

These Prints Look Fabulous

The Prints

Two weeks ago I sent off an order to my lab for 4 40×30 inch print to be done ready for the next craft Market I am doing! Well, the came in the other day, and boy do these prints look fabulous! This is the biggest size print I have had done so far and it well worth doing! I am so pleased with the Clours and the detail in the prints! I have had them, print onto some  Giclee fine art paper, with a nice Whiteboard around the photo.


Now, this did not go to plan as I had order 30×45 inch prints! I had to call the lab to see what was going on with the order as I got an email from him saying he was going to call me about my order to confirm my requirements! So when I call the lab and stared chatting to Mark he asked me was I going to frame the prints as I order four 30×45 inches! Mark pointed out to me that when he had big prints size before, there was a problem with the framing of the artwork! So I had to rethink the size before going ahead with the order and pop them back into photoshop to resize then, it turned out I had two options a 30×44 inch print or a 30×40 inch print which I went for the 30×40 inch print which look fabulous!


So the next thing to sort out is how to display, the fabulous prints? So far the option is to frame them as they are, or I can mount them into the frame? I could try a magnetic poster frame or I can do a flush mount onto some foam board?  There are two things I got a problem with is with frames and flush mounting onto foam board how to store them and the second is having the money to get them done! So I keep you posted on the outcome?


The lab I am using is White Imaging Ltd

My First Exhibition for 2020


The photographer Gallery

Folio Friday

The Event

The Folio Friday is run by the Photographer Gallery in London, so I have applied for registration today to go along and show off my new set of images.

The Day

It a day event for a photographer to go, and show off their photographs. It starts at 11.30 am to set up which should take too long! then at 12 pm lunch (yay). and a talk by the resident host and a guest. At 1 pm we can all look around to admire each other work, it a great way to get ideas and I highly recommend any taking the time to look at as may photographer images as you can! Then at 2 pm the door open to everyone to have look at the photographer’s portfolios!


I should geta email asking me what sort images I would be showing? Lucky for me I go this done already just copy and paste job and I have, my portfolio ready so am I all ready to go! To all I have to do is get there!”

Fun Day

So I am excited on this day out in London as I love showing off my photos and the Folie Friday event is a perfect opportunity to do this! It is aslo great to talk way to meet people it will be fun!  I will be good to see what the other photographers are doing and to hear the speakers too! So I just have to work out my travelling time into London for the day and leave plenty of time to get there before 11.30 am! The first problem with this is parking as I have a certain area I park in but it can be very busy, so I have to make sure that I leave in plenty of time, just in case I got a bit longer walk to the tub station!


Here a link to The Photographer’s Gallery

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