About Brian.

I first started taking photographs in the pre-digital era, more than 25 years ago, when you really had to understand the camera controls and read a light meter. It was a great learning experience. It became obvious that I had a bit of a flare for the subject and as soon as possible I started working as a photographer, once I had saved up for my first serious camera. It was a 35mm SLR Canon AE one program camera with a standard 50mm lens. I always fancied press work and my first images were published about 3 years later, in the Bucks Free Press, taken of storm damage in High Wycombe. Soon after this I replied to an advert in the Wycombe Star looking for photographers, and got an interview with the editor, and started working freelance for them! It was hard work as you had to develop lots of Black and white films and then print them, to very tight deadlines, and have them ready for the first thing on Monday morning! It was a great apprenticeship. Around about the same time, I had started working part time for a local wedding photography company, which was a lot of fun, as this job entailed using medium format cameras. As a consequence I am a highly skilled and creative photographer with over 25 years of experience, capturing those special moments, things that are important to the client and the images you require. My photography has therefore developed under ongoing peer review as a result of constant exposure to exhibitions and competitions supported by a solid understanding of the principles from those early days as a trainee journalist.

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