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Happy Wire Faces Photos BS

Happy Wire Faces

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Sad Wire Faces.

Some new photos

Here some new photos I have been working on. The new set of wire faces!

The photos started off just like a normal wire fence! I was out for a walk in the woods. There was part of the wood that had been cleared of the trees. This section of woodland has just been replanted. To keep the deer out they have put up a new six feet wire fence!

As I walking past I like the top part of the fence (I thing as shiny) I just love the Blue sky behind it! So I started shooting it! Anything shiny a distraction for me! I think I should be shooting dead tree branches or Red Kites!

Hi, I am Brian Southam A fine art photographer. This is my website I hope you enjoy your visit to Photos BS

I have a passion for photography. I can spend hours walking around taking photos of just about anything!