Fine Art Photography

I am Brian Southam A fine art photographer I have a passion for photography. I can spend hours walking around taking photos on project I am working one. I love the freedom to be creative and add my own style to my images. You will see some of my photographic art in the cities and the countryside i have taken.

Altered Reality.

Here is a complete set of new images that I have been working on called Altered Reality! This can be a every day subject you may see on a daily bases, but has been altered both in Colour and it appearance by a simple method. I been lucky and had some inspiration with this new project  and a friend how like my new work, that help me work on it from a base idea and developed from there! Once I had the foundation for the way I was processing the images it was fun working on them and I love the way that you could use any photo I had taken for a bright sunny  day to a really flat dull day and get a stunting image out of it!

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